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Lavender Aventurine by Sugarhoneymouse Lavender Aventurine :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 4 3 Lepidolite by Sugarhoneymouse Lepidolite :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 2 8 Grey Cat's Eye by Sugarhoneymouse Grey Cat's Eye :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 12 4 Charoite by Sugarhoneymouse Charoite :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 6 2 Brown Sea Glass by Sugarhoneymouse Brown Sea Glass :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 4 6 Smol Squad by Sugarhoneymouse Smol Squad :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 6 14 Teal Sea Glass by Sugarhoneymouse Teal Sea Glass :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 9 22 Lilac Sea Glass by Sugarhoneymouse Lilac Sea Glass :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 10 3 Pink Botswana Agate by Sugarhoneymouse Pink Botswana Agate :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 7 0 Entry For TheZodiacLord's Pearl Competition by Sugarhoneymouse Entry For TheZodiacLord's Pearl Competition :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 1 1 Lapis Gemsona by Sugarhoneymouse Lapis Gemsona :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 1 0 Sailor Moon by Sugarhoneymouse Sailor Moon :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 2 0 Random Goo Being by Sugarhoneymouse Random Goo Being :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 0 0 Pink Cat's Eye (Tomco Fusion) by Sugarhoneymouse Pink Cat's Eye (Tomco Fusion) :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 1 0 Nephrite by Sugarhoneymouse Nephrite :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 0 0 Charoite by Sugarhoneymouse Charoite :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 0 0



I apologise for my inactivity lately. Currently exams are happening so I've been too stressed to draw guilt-free or spend time on DA, and I don't expect that I'll be active any time soon. My last exam will be in a month's time, so hopefully I'll be able to indulge myself in drawing and going on DA once it's over. What I'm not looking forward to is the stack of notifications that I have; with over 700 notifications I'm partly dreading dealing with however many I will have in a months time.

If anyone else is dealing with anything, whether exams or something else that is time/energy consuming, I wish them luck ^u^
Lavender Aventurine
Name: Lavender Aventurine
 NickName(s): Turine
 Gemstone: A tri faceted triangle
 Gem Location: Left eye
 Gender: Female
 Height (Compared to a Canon gem): Slightly shorter than Lapis

 Occupation: A carpenter with her primarily building furniture.
 Class/Rank: Commoner
 Home Planet: 4th Planet
 Weapon: A small hammer, practical for building boxes
 Theme/Inspiration: Undertakers

 Bio: She's usually a laid back gem, though she gets rather competitive and playful when making puns. Quite often she ends up getting lost in her work and so it's not unusual for her to lose track of time. Even though she is laid back, she can get rather excited at times, especially when it comes to her boxes and interacting with gems that she admires.
 Abilities: N/A

Theme Song: Tbd
Synchronized Dance Style: Tbd
Trivia: As a hobby she tends to build boxes. If she likes someone then she'll give a box to them, the more she likes them the more detailed it is.
Name: Lepidolite
Gem Type: Gardener
Gem Placement: Back of right hand
Nickname: Lepi, Dolite, Lite
Pronouns: She/her
Height (Compared to a canon gem): Taller than Peridot but a tiny bit shorter than Lapis
Origin (Are they from Home World or the Court): Homeworld
Residence (What moon do they live on? Do they live on Light Peach's Planet?): 1st Moon
Weapon: Vines that she has stored in her gem, though they are only for emergencies if she doesn't have access to any other plants
Abilities: Plant manipulation
Court Position: Laygem
Bio/Personality: She's prone to being rather defensive and has a short temper, though she does soften a little around those she's close to or when she's by herself. Part of her misses Homeworld despite leaving it behind in order to follow her diamond. However she does finds comfort in her plants as they remind her that she wouldn't have them if she didn't leave Homeworld. When she isn't being defensive, she's very focused and determined in her actions with them being swift and precise.
Theme Song: Tbd
Fusion Dance: Hustle

Extra: Her gem acts as a stasis for the vines that are kept within them, preventing decay. Once the vines are outside the gem they start dying so it's not often that Dolite lets them out.
Regardless of her prickly attitude, she doesn't have too much trouble working with others as long as they don't try to provoke her.
It's not often that she fuses, though most of the time it's with someone that she can relax around.

Grey Cat's Eye
Here's my edition to the Cat's Eye Squad; I hope you like her. Please feel free to give me advice on how to draw hands as I've finally decided to attempt drawing one.
Octopimps MadKingMarc moonkitty303 PastelPastryClown 

Name: Grey Cat's Eye
Nicknames: Grey, Kitty-Cat, GC
Gem Type: Cat's eye
Gem Location: Left shoulder
Height: Taller than a sapphire, shorter than a lapis

Weapon: A fan
Rank: Pawn
Job: Painter
Special abilities: She's able to change the colour of small objects, such as paint

Personality: She's quite the silent gem with her preferring to communicate through actions rather than speaking. While she is level-headed and patient, she has a slight mischievous streak that she'll let out subtly.
Origin: Magenta Diamond's Court

Fun Facts:
-She uses her fan to help her paintings dry more quickly
-Sometimes she'll mess with others by just ever so slightly changing the colour of something, for her cat's eye fam they have learned to keep an eye on their bows
-Her silence usually makes others underestimate her so she just takes being underestimated as an opportunity to mess with them
A fusion of my Pink Botswana Agate and ObsessedGemsona 's Turquoise.
Originally she was going to be Kornerupine but I ended up changing my mind.
It's strange to think that she'd be at least taller than Sardonyx.
Okay, so I was tagged in this meme (it falls under the definition of a meme, so I'm calling it a meme) and so it's my turn to do it. Thank you Moon for liking me enough to tag me.

Rules: Tag up to eight people you want to get to know better!
Unfortunately I don't really have anyone to tag so this is better off left blank.

Name: Mouse (Obviously it's not my actual name, but that's because I'm paranoid).

Star sign: Capricorn

Average amount of sleep: Not enough for my age group.

Last thing I Googled: I admit that it was the definition of a meme. I tend to double check what I'm not entirely sure of so I don't embarrass myself.

When I made this account and why: Two years ago in order to receive advice from others, though I've only started using DeviantArt in recent months.

Number of watchers: Only two. I haven't really made much of an effort to gain watchers as I'm too much of an awkward potato. Approaching people is hard and I admire those who are able to do so.

What I post: Fandom related art. However lately I've been posting quite a few things for Magenta Diamond's Court.

Do I get a lot of comments: Not really, or at least not from that many people. Recently I've had a few comment chains due to me having conversations with others.

Why I chose this name: Well I've had it for years so I might not remember exactly why I created it. However I think it's because out of my sibling I'm associated with a mouse, I used to like honey when I was five or so and when I created this name I was wanting to like it again, and sugar is nice and sweet (could possibly also be connected to sugar mice).


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