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Character Sketches by Sugarhoneymouse Character Sketches :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 0 5 17th Birthday Scribble Challenge by Sugarhoneymouse 17th Birthday Scribble Challenge :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 1 4 Watermellon Tourmaline (Contest Entry) by Sugarhoneymouse Watermellon Tourmaline (Contest Entry) :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 2 3 Aqua Aura Kyanite by Sugarhoneymouse Aqua Aura Kyanite :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 5 9 Ember the Firefly Blob by Sugarhoneymouse Ember the Firefly Blob :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 15 13 Snake Skin Jasper and Grey Cat's Eye by Sugarhoneymouse Snake Skin Jasper and Grey Cat's Eye :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 4 5 Lavender Aventurine by Sugarhoneymouse Lavender Aventurine :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 5 3 Lepidolite by Sugarhoneymouse Lepidolite :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 2 8 Grey Cat's Eye by Sugarhoneymouse Grey Cat's Eye :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 13 4 Charoite by Sugarhoneymouse Charoite :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 7 2 Brown Sea Glass by Sugarhoneymouse Brown Sea Glass :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 5 6 Smol Squad by Sugarhoneymouse Smol Squad :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 7 14 Teal Sea Glass by Sugarhoneymouse Teal Sea Glass :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 11 22 Lilac Sea Glass by Sugarhoneymouse Lilac Sea Glass :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 12 3 Pink Botswana Agate by Sugarhoneymouse Pink Botswana Agate :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 9 0 Entry For TheZodiacLord's Pearl Competition by Sugarhoneymouse Entry For TheZodiacLord's Pearl Competition :iconsugarhoneymouse:Sugarhoneymouse 1 1


Plume Jasper ( fusion with hayatekiyama by UnakiteorWhatever Plume Jasper ( fusion with hayatekiyama :iconunakiteorwhatever:UnakiteorWhatever 11 9 Thank You by LeafBlob Thank You :iconleafblob:LeafBlob 45 8 [Constest Prize] Tr0n1ka by TheZodiacLord [Constest Prize] Tr0n1ka :iconthezodiaclord:TheZodiacLord 277 4 The four children of apocalypse by TheZodiacLord The four children of apocalypse :iconthezodiaclord:TheZodiacLord 429 56 Space is a Wild Place by TheZodiacLord Space is a Wild Place :iconthezodiaclord:TheZodiacLord 286 19 The Witches' Son by TheZodiacLord The Witches' Son :iconthezodiaclord:TheZodiacLord 312 24 Pearl Adopts (3/3) Write to Adopt~! by UnakiteorWhatever Pearl Adopts (3/3) Write to Adopt~! :iconunakiteorwhatever:UnakiteorWhatever 10 15 Lavender Jasper (fusion with classiccat01~! by UnakiteorWhatever Lavender Jasper (fusion with classiccat01~! :iconunakiteorwhatever:UnakiteorWhatever 9 2 Bertrandites~ by UnakiteorWhatever Bertrandites~ :iconunakiteorwhatever:UnakiteorWhatever 9 4 Danny Phantom by ikimaru-art Danny Phantom :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 379 14 Gemsonas 3 - Steven Universe by CharmmyColour Gemsonas 3 - Steven Universe :iconcharmmycolour:CharmmyColour 39 7 SSaaB Pg. 26 by TheZodiacLord SSaaB Pg. 26 :iconthezodiaclord:TheZodiacLord 192 12 What Villains do in their free time by TheZodiacLord What Villains do in their free time :iconthezodiaclord:TheZodiacLord 379 10 Iridescent Lovecraftian Princess by TheZodiacLord Iridescent Lovecraftian Princess :iconthezodiaclord:TheZodiacLord 376 23 25% Elf, 75% human, 100% better then you- by TheZodiacLord 25% Elf, 75% human, 100% better then you- :iconthezodiaclord:TheZodiacLord 305 19 Angry Glutton Son by TheZodiacLord Angry Glutton Son :iconthezodiaclord:TheZodiacLord 305 18



Character Sketches
Okay, so here's a new character I've made for a D&D game I'll be playing soon. He's an adorable little wood elf named Adran who is going to be a bard. While he's going to be lawful good it will be really easy for another character to lie to him because of how gullible he is.
17th Birthday Scribble Challenge
So here's my addition to the 17th Birthday Scribble Challenge. Rather than doing the sensible thing and drawing a person I decided to get as far away from a person as possible. I'm finding way too much amusement from my choice with how I've disguised all the lines of the templates. Have fun comparing it to the template. Now, time to get that badge.
It's 2:30am and I should go to sleep. I've already done the lineart and started colouring in the thing for DA's 17th birthday. I'll continue after sleep. Night now.
Watermellon Tourmaline (Contest Entry)
And here's my second entry to UnakiteorWhatever's colouring contest. I may have been incredibly slow with my colouring, but I'm glad that I've finished and I'm quite happy with the result, even if my shading could do with some work.
The line-art and design belong to UnakiteorWhatever and I recommend you go check them and their contest out.

With this gem her nickname is Mel and in five words she is tough, sisterly, hands-on, enthusiastic and fearless (she seems to be caring but not so much motherly as much as like an older sister, I feel as though she's a bit rough with her affection and will happily show any gem she is looking after how to do something. When it comes to battles I imagine she'd charge in with a look of glee on her face as she does so).

Apologizes if anything I've written doesn't make sense, I admit that I may have stayed up later than I should just to finish colouring this in one day so my mind is in shambles at the moment.
Aqua Aura Kyanite
This is my entry UnakiteorWhatever's competition…
I'd recommend checking out their gallery as they have quite a lot of really good art and a focus of SU
The lineart and design belong to UnakiteorWhatever while I coloured and shaded it.
Competition is going to be tough, even if I haven't seen any other entries yet I know there some really good artists entering who have more experience than me. I wish everyone luck with their entries.

Now, as for how I'd describe this gem I imagine that she'd be a leader, confident, fair, regal and level-headed. Keeping the description to five, single words was challenging as I kept wanting to expand on those words and go off writing a whole paragraph about her, though I managed to restrain myself.
I may end up colouring the tank in as well in the month leading up to the contest's end as I had fun colouring in the archer.
With how I've coloured the archer, whom shall have the nickname Kyan, perhaps I should have made blue the dominant colour as it's the most dominant colour in aqua aura kyanite, but my bias towards purple said otherwise.
Hey, SeviYummy is doing a giveaway which gives you the opportunity to win 1,000 points, so I'd recommend checking them out. Their art style is quite adorable and they draw Pokemon, so if you love Pokemon, especially in cute art styles, go look at their art gallery, even if you decide not to enter the give away for whatever reason.


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